alex fischer
The Residence Program of at 301 Overtoom / Amsterdam

This 40 sqm space in the former Filmacademy of Amsterdam was squatted in 1999 to set up as an artist studio.
In 2007 the building was bought by the EHBK Foundation and is safe for the future.
Now this space is also functioning as a residence to give artists a place to stay in a city
that is constantly reducing affordable space for art.


2012 Natalia Rebelo (BRA) + Mattias Eliasson (SWE)
2012 Christopher Charles (USA)
2011 Sagi Groner (ISR)
2011 Jasiek Mischke (NED)
2010 Julian Hetzel (GER)
2010 Felicia von Zweigbergk (SWE)
2009 Carl Schroeder (GER)
2007 Paulien Oltheten (NED)

residence residence studio

bed + bed supply
kitchen + kitchen supply
table + chairs + cabinets
Wifi internet
shared shower + toilet

Requirements for an application

Motivation for your stay in Amsterdam + CV

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